In April 2022, we welcomed our first cohort into the AMpowered Traineeship Program. The trainees will be joining Chamonix IT Solutions under the AMpowered banner, undertaking a blend of on-the-job and formal training.

Following a competitive application process, the final cohort of trainees was selected for their motivation to work in the technology industry, and their desire to build a career in that space irrespective of their previous work or education background. The group comprised a mix of entry-level applicants, graduates from non-technical disciplines and career changers seeking entry into tech.

It is anticipated that the IT sector in South Australia will require 7,500 skilled workers over the next 5 years. By supporting the trainees through paid training, Chamonix is ensuring the growth of the future pipeline of tech talent and boosting our local workforce. In blending a diverse group of candidates, Chamonix hopes to overcome some of the traditional barriers to entry, and shape a more inclusive space within the technology industry.

The AMpowered Traineeship Program delivers a blend of formal education and on-the-job learning, with each trainee undertaking paid training to complete a Certificate IV in Information Technology. This blended learning approach provides non-traditional pathways within the industry, giving trainees an immersive, first-hand experience that will see them gain technical skills in a business context as they work alongside experienced employees.

The first part of the trainee journey began with the Trainee Bootcamp. This two-week program provided an introduction to the organisation and delivered a wealth of knowledge and insights into the many and varied roles on offer in the tech industry. Led by a passionate group of mentors and consultants from across the breadth of the Chamonix business, the program included sessions on Communication & Team Work, DevOps, Web Development, Testing, Health/HL7, Consulting Skills, Managed Services, Solutions Architecture, Code Reviews and Security among others.

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, the trainees were partnered with mentors within the wider Chamonix organisation, working alongside our consulting teams working on DevOps, Implementation, Testing, Managed Services and Web Development among others. The trainees will continue to receive up to the minute training within a business context, gaining valuable skills over the course of the two-year program. Upon completion, they will then be ready to take their next steps toward becoming consultants in the organisation.