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Soft Skills

5 Soft Skills you Should Attain to Increase your Employability

Employers are looking for much more than hard skills when it comes to selecting the ideal candidates for the job. More often than not, individuals overlook soft skills, however they are necessary and highly regarded in workplaces today.

Making the most of your last year

Making the most of your final year!

You’ve made it to your final year! Well done! Now you have one more hurdle to overcome before being dispersed into the working world. Although a year seems like a long way ahead, it is important to leverage that time you have left to magnify your pool of possibilities.



With the change in dynamics of social environments, many workplaces are transitioning to remote working. More than ever, we need to have the best tools to help us climatise to this working from home style, allowing us to be flexible and adaptable beyond the four walls of a typical office.


Ashleigh Green, our Head of Graduate Talent joined the GenerationYOU panel to share insights on ‘Managing your Career like a Boss’. 

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