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With the change in dynamics of social environments, many workplaces are transitioning to remote working. More than ever, we need to have the best tools to help us climatise to this working from home style, allowing us to be flexible and adaptable beyond the four walls of a typical office.

If you’re in the middle of an internship, you may find this new work style challenging, but there are practical ways for you to continue to engage and make the most of this learning experience.

1. Set out a routine

Your general work routine should remain the same from your company office to your home office. Commit to your standard 8 hours per day and treat that time frame with the same expectations as you would in the workplace. Wake up at the same time you normally would, get dressed out of your pjs, eat breakfast and then move into your workspace. By setting out a designated work environment, you avoid going into other boundaries of the house. Add indoor plants, background music, natural lighting, fresh air and candles to spark your mood and keep you motivated.

2. Organise and prioritise

Working remotely requires you to be more organised than usual. Why? Because there is no one physically reminding you on what tasks need to be done. To ensure you stay on top of things, have a calendar, leverage Office 365 and other online managing platforms. Frequently ask your team about the week’s agenda and see what is required of you. Aim to be productive and proactive regardless of not having a mentor to physically check up on you.

3. Stay healthy and positive

Start your day with a morning mantra that focuses on the positive side of this surreal situation. It helps to write a list of things you are currently grateful for; your health, spending time with your family, having food (and toilet paper!) etc. Set break blocks with alarm reminders to get some exercise, have a meal and stretch. Integrating pleasurable activities in your day can reset your mindset when feeling overwhelmed. Also try and avoid getting distracted with the constant influx of news during work hours, as this can affect your attitude for the rest of the day.

4. Communicate with others and support the team

Keeping in touch with your team is very important during this time, because you are probably all facing the same uncertainties. Leveraging the technology available, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, emails and facetime, will keep you well connected. Remember to check in with your mentor on a daily basis to ensure that you are meeting your learning objectives, especially if you only work certain days of the week. Take initiative and attend meetings on your days off. Things are changing frequently so it is important to be informed. Ask your colleagues how they are going, express mutual empathy and support.

Most importantly, remember that you are a worthwhile asset to the business, and your contributions will not go unnoticed. Take charge of your learning, remain optimistic, productive, resilient, and you will find that your remote internship will teach you more than you could have expected.

Written by Esther Nguyen, Chamonix Marketing Intern 2020

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