It was the end of the sprint when I first joined the digital health team, so one of the first things I saw was a sprint retrospective, which showcased what they had all been working on. The team demonstrated the progress they had made over the sprint, which appeared on first glance to merely be a splash screen, and a simple screen with a button on it followed by a loading spinner. I watched eagerly, waiting for something to happen. Upon looking around at the team, somewhat confused, I noticed everyone else showing great excitement and celebrating the work they all put into the app, culminating in that loading spinner!

One of the first things I noticed was the pride and passion everyone displayed in their work. For me, personally, this really set the tone for the team of people I was about to work amongst, which really reinforced my decision to join Chamonix.
I was unaware at the time that this project was really in its infancy. It had commenced just before I started, and with this new sprint I swiftly found myself getting to grips with Xamarin.

While wrapping my head around this project – learning in the process that Xamarin indeed did begin with an “X” – I quickly got an appreciation for the work and effort the team put into the app in the previous sprint to get it where it was.

One of my first tasks was the Terms of Use screen. While simple at surface level, app development and the frameworks we were using were all completely new to me. From my work on the Terms of Use screen, I learnt about the MVVM architect pattern we were following as well as the basics of Xamarin and hybrid mobile development. Over the course of the sprint I developed a functional Terms of Use screen, and while it only had placeholder text in Latin – it worked! As the sprint drew to a close, I was now actively collaborating with the team with the shared goal of getting everything we had been working on into the main branch.

It was soon time for another retrospective and an internal showcase of the app’s progress. For this showcase we all had the joy of scrolling through the large text body “Lorem Ipsum” – the placeholder text for the Terms of Use – before we could see other screens the team had worked on. We joked that we would now constantly have the joy of going through “Lorem Ipsum” for future sprints until we were at the point we were done with Onboarding. The team nonetheless showed a lot of excitement in what I had completed and achieved during this sprint.

While I now know how to spell Xamarin, this is just the beginning of my journey. I’m excited to continue learning and developing this app with team, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Written by Martin Monis, AMpowered Graduate 2022

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