Technical interviews are a common interview type in (you guessed it) the technology industry. The complexity of the interview type often varies depending on the organisation that you’re interviewing with, and the level of role that you’re hoping to step into.

As a soon to be or recent graduate, organisations are looking for evidence of what you’ve learned during your studies, how you approach technical challenges, how you utilise your problem-solving skills and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips for acing your next technical interview.

Share your interests – Talk to the interviewer about the things that get you excited in tech. Go through the projects that you’ve been involved with that really got you energised, and talk about what type of projects you’d like to work on and what are you hopes if successful in securing the role.

Clarify the question – Check with the interviewer that you’ve correctly understood the requirements. Ask questions if you’re not clear on what they have asked for, or to clarify any limitations that you should consider when proposing a solution.

Communicate – If you’re given a technical interview question that requires you to work through a problem, talk to the interviewer about what you’re doing as you go. Understanding your approach and how you break a larger problem down to solve it is just as important as coming up with the ‘correct’ solution.

Respond positively to feedback – While the focus on the interview is your technical ability, most interviewers will also be evaluating your attitude. Showing a growth approach and considering how to incorporate (or not) their advice and communicating that in a positive way gives them a sense of whether you’d be a good fit in the teams in their workplace.

Test your code – Talk through how you might test the code as you go and consider any potential issues with your proposed solution. How might that impact on the performance or effectiveness of your solution. Thinking ahead in this way is a great way to show your capacity to think outside the box.

Being invited in for an interview is a sign that the employer thinks you have what it takes. The technical interview is not just about tripping you up with curly questions or tricky brain teasers. A good technical interview should be about evaluating how you solve real-world problems.

When hiring for AMpowered roles, we look for strong soft skills that will help our candidates to grow as a consultant and technical ability that can be nurtured within our graduate program and beyond. Preparing ahead of time and bringing a positive energy to the interview will help you stand out and demonstrate how you will handle yourself if you join their team.

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